"I am not confused! I am so not confused!"
— Troy

Troy Miller is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Bullies clique. He was voiced by Evan Weinstein.

Character DescriptionEdit

Troy is a medium sized bully with short auburn hair, blue eyes, bags and faint dimples on his forehead. Troy wears a long sleeved white school shirt, denim jeans, and sneakers. In the wintertime he wears a long sleeve white shirt unbuttoned over a navy blue hooded sweatshirt and fingerless black gloves. He speaks with a slow, hoarse voice. In the PS2 version of the game, he wore white and black shoes instead of white and blue ones.


Troy comes across as stupid, and seems to be easily confused. He is one of the most sadistic students on campus, and bullies because he finds it "incredibly amusing". One of his favourite derogatory remarks is "wimp".

Troy enjoys watching mindless violence on television and is, according to Davis, very good at darts. He wants to join the army when he is older, and claims he takes steroids.

On Halloween he wears a mask that has Edna's face on it. His game dialogue implies that he is sexually confused and either bisexual or homosexual and is attracted to boys, particularly to Russell, but that he's in denial about it. In two different missions he seems to be seen following Trent's orders, but this could be because he finds letting Trent tell him what to do easier than deciding for himself.

Role in gameEdit

Troy is first seen in Welcome to Bullworth, where he chases Pedro De La Hoya across campus. In Defend Bucky, Troy is beaten up twice by Jimmy.

He is ever present during the Character Sheets mission. He is one of the Bullies who steals Melvin O'Connor's character sheets from him. He teases Bucky Pasteur with it, at the side of the boys dorm before Jimmy comes. He is also with Trent at the side of the library when Jimmy finds them, and Trent gets Jimmy to play Troy at ro-sham-bo. When Jimmy gets up, they both run away abandoning the character sheets. He also backs up Davis White at the auto shop for the other character sheet.

After Chapter 1, Troy plays no further role in the story.

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