Small Offences is a non-storyline mission in Bully: Scholarship Edition.

The MissionEdit


Jimmy is at the Carnival when he hears a ruckus coming from one of the tents. Brandy is inside, beating ceramic garden gnomes with a baseball bat. She asks Jimmy to smash every garden gnome in the Bullworth area.

The MissionEdit

This mission itself is completed as soon as the cutscene ends. As Jimmy walks away from it, he says one of his "mission completed" lines of dialogue.

There is no time limit on smashing all the gnomes, nor is it required to beat the game. It is required for 100% completion. Jimmy can work on it while he does whatever else he wants.

Jimmy must smash every lawn gnome. Most of them are in Old Bullworth Vale, although some can be found elsewhere. One is found on an offshore barge in Blue Skies Industrial Park, making this mission impossible to complete until Chapter 5.


  • In Bully and Canis Canem Edit, Jimmy smashed lawn gnomes for no particular reason. In Scholarship Edition, this mission provides a storyline behind the destruction.
  • On the Wii version of Scholarship Edition, Jimmy cannot find any lawn gnomes until he is given the mission.
  • There is no ending cutscene.
  • This mission is the only one in either version of the game that uses British spelling instead of American spelling.