Lance Jackson
Clique None
Status Student
Gender Male
Age Stage Older Child
Family Gloria Jackson - Possibly Younger Sister
Bo Jackson - Possibly Older Brother
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Kissable No
Voice Dylan Schneider

Lance Jackson is a character in Bully, and is a Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Dylan Schneider.

Character DescriptionEdit

Lance is black, and the same height as Jimmy but nowhere near as stocky. He wears the standard non-clique dark teal sweater over gray slacks. He's easily mistaken for Trevor Moore at a distance, but he is smaller, doesn't wear a tie, and his hair is cut in a flat top style. In the winter time he wears a heavier school sweater and a toboggan of the same color.


Lance has a generally pleasant personality. He has, or had, a high opinion of human nature, and so he feels discouraged by all the fighting that goes on at Bullworth and some of the time he won't participate in it. He spends a lot of time complaining about fights, "macho" behavior, and people trying too hard to be cool and fit in. However, he does admit to judging other people and speculating about their motivations and issues while never considering what his own flaws might be. He also likes to read a lot, and doesn't understand why other people don't or why reading has been stereotyped as something that nerds do. He has a laid-back view of the world, and says if people were just content to be themselves that everything would work out for them.

In his worse moments, Lance can be very conceited. He thinks that his lack of interest in bullying, social climbing and being cool makes him better than other people. He also has a high opinion of himself, thinks that his reading makes him a genius, and sometimes lets it slip that he's much more interested in being cool than he cares to admit. When he insults other people he accuses them of having mental and social issues, and often uses variations of "You're not impressing anyone" as a putdown.

Lance is thought to be the younger brother of Bo, since they share the same surname and skin color. They also look similar in the face and both have a slight ebonics accent when they speak, although Lance's ebonics usually only comes out when he's angry. He could also possibly be related to Gloria Jackson.

Role in gameEdit

Lance has no individual role in the game.

He has a couple of lines of dialogue in which he tries to sell Jimmy something, but at no point in the game did he have a role in any mission.