Karen Johnson
Clique None
Status Student
Gender Female
Age Stage Child
Enemies Davis White - In a Errand
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Kissable No
Missions None
Voice Cai Oglesby
"Is four teams too many to be on?"
— Karen

Karen Johnson is a character in Bully, and is a Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. She was voiced by Cai Oglesby.

Character DescriptionEdit

Karen is a little girl with blue eyes and blonde hair slightly below the neck. She wears a sweater vest and tie with a skirt, these are all the dark teal color worn by the non-clique students. In the wintertime she wears earmuffs and white tights in addition to the usual uniform.


Karen is a sports fan with the same fervor that the Jocks are. She talks about them constantly and complains that the school doesn't have a field hockey team. She claims to have dressed up as a boy so she could play, and even gets along with Mr. Burton. She also complains about the amount of homework she's given and thinks that Johnny Vincent is the best BMX biker at Bullworth.

Like Constantinos and the other little kids, she will snitch on fellow students if they cause trouble.

She has a brother and shares a surname with Fatty Johnson, Cornelius Johnson and Mr. Johnson, but as she has little resemblance to Fatty, is a different race than Cornelius, and Johnson is a very common surname. It's highly unlikely that she is related to either of them.

Role in gameEdit

Karen gives Jimmy two errands in the game, one which involves him egging the Boys' Dorm, and the other where he retrieves her teddy bear that was stolen from her by Wade Martin. She appears in the Scholarship Edition exclusive mission Rudy the Red Nosed Santa, where she's quite rude to Rudy and makes faces at Jimmy while he tries to take her picture.