Ethan Robinson is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Bullies clique. His voice actor is unknown, as he wasn't listed in the credits.

Character DescriptionEdit

Ethan is a medium-sized black Bully, with short tight curly black hair in a hide fade style, and brown eyes. He wears the standard white collar shirt of the Bully clique over blue-gray slacks. In the wintertime he wears a long sleeve white collar shirt over a blue sweatshirt, black fingerless gloves and a gray urban wool hat.

Creative inspirationEdit

Ethan's enthusiasm for ninjas and martial arts may be a reference to the internet name "Afro-Ninja".


Ethan is defined by his love of fighting and the martial arts. He has tried to get an extra curricular martial arts team started, and tried to get jujitsu added to the gym curriculum. He is also into kung fu, and claims to have kung fu based fighting styles such as The Crane, The Tiger, and The Frog. He also likes ninjas, and laments that people make fun of them and don't take them seriously. He appears to be into bullying for the fighting aspect rather than the tormenting of other students, although he is as sadistic as the other bullies.

He calls his particular style of bullying "The Devastator", however he uses the same technically poor brawling style of fighting as the other bullies.

Role in gameEdit

Ethan is one of the three bullies who accost Jimmy as he first arrives on campus. He appears a second time that first day, waiting by the school doors to intimidate Jimmy. Later he, along with the rest of the Bullies, ambushes Jimmy outside the Boys' Dorm. He has a cutscene speaking line, his only one in the game, here.

He can be seen regularly for the duration of Chapter 1, but doesn't have any individual role in the story.

At the start of Chapter 2 he chases Pedro De La Hoya with a baseball bat.

He is one of the Bullies beaten up by Edgar Munsen in the school-wide riot at the end of Chapter 5.