Welcome to Bully Wiki:Requests for Quote Change. Here you can add a reservation of which quote you want to change on a character's article. Please be advised, do not change any quotes for articles without a discussion. This article was created for users to reserve a quote and others can vote weather the quote shall change or not. This article was also created to prevent edit wars because two or more users in the past would usually revert their edits and argue to keep their's on the articles.

Patrollers, Administrators and Bureaucrats do not need permission to change a quote.

How to request a quote change Edit

  1. Find the quote, you want to reserve. All quotes if passed, will be displayed for two weeks, and after two weeks, another quote will be changed.
  2. Make sure the quote is said by the character. This cannot include references to the character or making one up. To find a list of dialogues, you can see our character quote articles for all quotes.
  3. After selecting a quote, please go to active requests.
  4. Put in your signature, character article, and state what quote you want to reserve. Please be patient when requesting a quote. Quote requests will usually last for a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 5 days depending on how much votes are needed. Your quote request must have 1 or more vote(s) in order to change it. Do not change unless an Administrator or Bureaucrat gives you permission to do so.
  5. If passed, your quote will be changed by an administrator or bureaucrat. It will last two weeks, unless there is no request to change the quote.

Active Requests Edit

Passed Requests Edit

Failed Requests Edit

Example of making a Request Edit

"Here, state the quote you want to request to change"
— Here state what character you want his or her quote to change

Here state a reason why you chose this quote and why you think this best matches or describes the character. Also, Please leave your signature.

Votes Edit

Here Users can say Change to agree to switch the quote to yours. Users can say Don't Change to disagree to switch the quote to yours. All Voters must leave their signatures. If you're the user requesting to change the quote, you must not vote. If you have the most Change for 2 - 5 days, you're quote will be passed and an administrator or bureaucrat will change the old quote to yours, if you have more Don't Change votes, than game over, your request has failed.

  • Change -
  • Don't Change -

Comments Edit

  • Here People can say why they agree or disagree to change your comment.