Angie Ng
Clique None
Status Student
Gender Female
Age Stage Teenager
Family Unknown Mother
Attraction Jimmy Hopkins
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Kissable Yes
Voice Sue Jean Kim

Angie Ng is a character in Bully, and is a Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. She was voiced by Sue Jean Kim.

Character DescriptionEdit

Angie wears a Bullworth school blouse with a green teal school skirt, and long white socks with black shoes. She has black hair which is tied into pigtails, and also wears glasses. In the wintertime, she wears dark teal and light teal striped leg warmers, matching mittens, and pale yellow earmuffs. Early in the game's development Angie's skirt was the same shade of blue that Jimmy and Pete wear. It was later changed to dark teal in the final version.


Angie's shy and one of the friendlier girls on campus. She often gets nervous, especially around boys, which usually makes her giggle anxiously - even when a Bully picks on her. She has a close relationship with her mother and is worried about disappointing her with bad behavior and grades. She loves bunnies. When watching fights, she denigrates the fighters rather than cheering, for example, "Stop being idiots!".

Angie's on the Cheerleading Squad and is good friends with Christy Martin. She likes to gossip, like Christy, but she's very up to date on what's happening around the school, and her conversations with the other students frequently reflects the current events, where as Christy's gossip is more about rumors.

Role in gameEdit

Angie is the first girl that Jimmy Hopkins gets to try the pickup lines he learned in Art class on. In Panty Raid, she and Christy are having a conversation about Christy's yearbook picture that Jimmy can eavesdrop on. She's also seen making a mistake and falling down during cheerleading practice during the mission Paparazzi and is encountered a few times during The Big Game. During Halloween she puts on a witch mask, but she doesn't participate in any of the mini missions.


  • Angie can be seen in the Boys' Dorm after the Chapter 3 cutscene. Her free roam behavior will be malfunctioning, and she will walk against the wall or the couch in the lounge.
  • While wearing the Halloween witch mask, Angie uses her pigtails in a different style. She also uses purple hair ties, instead of the red ones she normally uses.